To meet the requirements from our customers, AMV has chosen to invest in a Platino fiber, 6 kW, with Compact Server and LST robot sorting from Prima Power. With this machine we offer a wider range in laser cutting.

The machine is a Prima Power Platino with a fiber laser of 6kW. The entire working area is up to 25 mm thickness. The laser cutting is processed very quickly and efficiently. Add LST robot sorting to get the details sorted, either stacked on pallets via double stacking tables, or dropped into load carriers. The LST robot picks the lasercut part directly inside the cutting table, which is completely unique in the market and ensures the process to the maximum. Laser cutting together with Compact Server, which handles raw materials and skeletons, we get the most efficient laser cutting system on the market.

For more information or if you want an offer please contact Fredrik, Björn or Thomas. See contact page.

AAA Certification AB (A3CERT), has made the following decision regarding certification for Anderstorps Mekaniska
Verkstad AB. Certification has been carried out under national accreditation,
as announced by the Board of Accreditation and Technical Control, SWEDAC.
Examination of the company’s introduction of management systems has led to AAA Certification AB taking the decision
that the company’s management system is implemented and in accordance with the requirements of the standards.
Anderstorps Mekaniska Verkstad AB management system meets the requirements of
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2O15
This year AMV will close for holidays. Week 28-31.